EUROYoung was born in 2018 to bring together young researchers in operational research, belonging to the member societies of EURO. For the moment, EUROYoung is not a EURO working group. The EURO Executive Committe has expressed its support to the group for the organisation of five European Young Researchers events (2019 to 2023), after which a more permanent decision will be made.

The objectives of EUROYoung include:

  • Fostering collaboration among students and early-career researchers in O.R.;
  • Providing young O.R. scholars and practitioners with tools to advance their careers, mainly through training;
  • Creating networks both among young researchers and with more senior leaders in the field of O.R.;
  • Connecting demand and offer in the O.R. job market, both in academia and the industry.

A few EUROYoung members at the EURO2018 closing party

In the short- and medium-term, the main focus is the organisation of events targeted at students and young researchers, including seminars, workshops, schools, tutorial sessions, and webinars. Our objectives when organising these events are:

  • To create a bond between researchers going through a delicate phase of their career and preparing themselves to be the faculty and practitioners of tomorrow.
  • To promote peer-education and give young researchers the opportunity to teach their colleagues something unique they have learnt.
  • To facilitate sharing knowledge from established excellent O.R. “seniors” to the new generations.
  • To provide very affordable (approaching zero-cost) opportunities to young researchers to present their work, learn, and network.
  • To promote EURO, its activities, instruments, and resources.


EUROYoung is born with a very informal structure. It was initiated by the same founders of AIROYoung, the youth chapter of the Italian O.R. society: Spain flag Alberto, Italy flag Lavinia, Denmark flag Martina, and Italy flag Veronica. They drafted the initial proposal and got EURO's approval to go forward with a series of annual workshops.

We are now bootstrapping the organisation and we are doing so along three directions:

  • By recruiting new members: individual young researchers enrolled in their respective national societies.
  • By reaching out to national youth chapters, in those country where they exist.
  • By promoting the creation of youth chapters in countries where they don't yet exist.

Are you a young O.R. researcher?

If you comply with the membership requirements, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by enrolling in our Google Group.

Membership requirements

It's important to highlight that these requirements do not refer to membership to a EURO working group, since this is not what EUROYoung is at this stage. We are just a group of young people who organise events for other young researchers, with EURO's help. If you like to engage with your peers from many different countries, believe that together we can create amazing new opportunities for young O.R. researchers, and value friendship as much as professionalism, do not hesitate to sign up to our Google Group!

To keep EUROYoung true to its name, we would like our members to:

  • Be members of any EURO national society.
  • Be undergraduate, graduate, doctoral students, young faculty or practioners in the field of O.R. or, anyways, have a strong interest in operational research, decision science, machine learning, or data science.
  • Be at most 35 years old or, otherwise, having completed your PhD not more than 5 years ago.


Our first activity is the organisation of an EUROYoung workshop, which will take place in Sevilla, Spain on 2-3 May 2019.

A view of Sevilla, Spain

Our local contacts Spain flag Marina and Spain flag Moíses are working hard to make this an event to remember, and a grand début for EUROYoung. To know more about the workshop visit this webpage and stay tuned by enrolling in our Google Group.


Name Country Affiliation
Adrián Esteban Spain flag University of Malaga
Alberto Santini Spain flag Pompeu Fabra University
Andrea Mor Italy flag University of Brescia
Mathieu Besançon France flag INRIA Lille and Polytechnique Montréal
Beizhen Jia Denmark flag Aalborg University
Elín Björk Böðvarsdóttir Denmark flag Danish Technical University
Frederik Schulte Germany flag Hamburg University
Gabrijela Obradović Sweden flag Chalmers University of Technology
João Fonseca Denmark flag Danish Technical University
Lavinia Amorosi Italy flag University of Rome La Sapienza
Maria João Portugal flag University of Porto and INESC
Marina Leal Spain flag University of Sevilla
Martina Fischetti Denmark flag Vattenfal
Miguel Angel Muñoz Spain flag University of Malaga
Moisés Rodriguez Spain flag University of Sevilla
Ricardo Soares Portugal flag University of Porto
Riccardo Giusti Italy flag Polytechnic University of Turin
Rosario Paradiso Netherlands flag Italy flag Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and University of Calabria
Tommaso Pastore Italy flag University of Naples
Valentina Morandi Italy flag University of Brescia
Veronica Dal Sasso Italy flag Optrail